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Saturn Sound System also provide managed PA hire for live music events. Complete with sound engineer who will ensure that the sound quality and levels are right throughout the evening, and also liaise with the bands to ensure that they have exactly what they need for their show.

Systems start with a small vocal PA using a small desk with up to 10 channels. A larger desk with 24 mic channels and 8 stereo inputs is used for larger events.

Monitor (foldback) speakers are included and, with the larger system can be run on up to three independent channels

Vocal microphones are Shure SM58 and further microphones are used for instruments/guitar amplifiers as appropriate, including Kick drum mic and 5 tom/snare mics and 5 condenser mics for overhead, brass, etc.

The desk is positioned at the back of the room where possible, so that the engineer can hear the sound from front of house, and a 30m stage snake is used for this.

In addition to your live music it is possible to have a DJ fill in during breaks or to warm up/bring on your act where required

Feedback from previous clients

Hello Phil, We are just about getting round to sending out our thank yous to everyone that came to our wedding, so thought i would take the opportunity to thank you for the brilliant job that you did at the reception. We were both very happy with what you played, and have many positive comments from our guests aswell. If we, or any of our friends, ever need a disco at a function again, we will not hesitate to use you again, or recommend you.
Martin & Jo
August 2009